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Westbury Friends School

"Our Early Childhood students and Toddler guests were treated to joyful song and dance with "Music By Mommies," a professional musical duo who came to our campus to entertain us.  New and familiar songs filled the Center, and we took to the dance floor with gusto!  The music moved us; it was truly a time for personal expression." -- Nancy Aranda, Director of Admissions, Westbury Friends School
"Music by Mommies and their motivating children/family album, “Songs for your Busy Day” will have your kids energized in no time to do their daily routines."  Read More

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LA Parent
"Songs for a Busy Day & a Good Cause"
"...a sweet CD that starts with a 'Get Up' tune and doesn't quit until it's time to 'Sleep.'  In between, practical-but-fun tracks like 'We're Going" and 'Brush Your Teeth' mean the kids won't miss a beat." Read More

New York Newsday
"Parents Use the Arts to Teach and Entertain Kids" Read More

Preschool Education Editor, Diane Claus 
"My son loved the CD and all the songs...The songs are not only fun to listen to, but provide gentle cues and explanations about what is going to happen and what they should be doing. I highly recommend "Songs for Your Busy Day" for anyone who is trying to motivate preschoolers to do these daily activities."  Read More

Parent Paper

"Moms Make Music to Motivate Kids"
"The music is a fun mixture of folk, pop and jazz and the lyrics are catchy, repetitive and easy to follow." Read more

Colorado Springs Gazette
"Songs Help You and Your Kids Get Through a Busy Day"

 "I was hooked when my 3-year-old daughter started singing along..."  Read more

The Wag
"Music as Motivation"
"The result is a special CD full of upbeat songs about daily routines." Read more

Queens/Westchester Parent
"A Musical Score for Everyday Life"
"In all, the songs...make otherwise mundane tasks a little more enjoyable for children... The tunes are catchy and the words are simple: Before long, both you and your child will be singing along."  Read more

The Journal News
"Two Moms Motivate Kids With Music"
"...With peppy tunes like 'Brush Your Teeth' and 'Let's Take a Bath,' kids and parents might easily find themselves singing along even when the music stops..."   Read more

Westchester Family
"Songs & Words to Inspire"
"...Today their collaboration, Music by Mommies, has produced 'Songs for your Busy Day' a lively, fun CD that sings children through the events of their day..."  Read more

The Queens Courier
"Meet Music by Mommies, Inc." 
"Through their recently released CD 'Songs for Your Busy Day,' moms Michele Purcell and Barbara Fine Buxbaum are providing children with motivation to get through some of their daily activities..."  Read more


 “SONGS FOR YOUR BUSY DAY,” from Music by Mommies, Inc. -- Inspired by Their Children and Connected by the Internet to Form a Partnership

Two moms, Michele Purcell, singer, songwriter and mother of two children with autism, and Barbara Fine Buxbaum, writer, former marketing director and mother with two active children, have come up with a solution to help their kids do their daily activities.  They call it “Songs for Your Busy Day,” and according to these musical moms, “it really works!”

It all started when the two moms were surfing the net during school hours.  In the privacy of their respective homes (Barbara lives in Westchester, NY and Michele lives in Long Island, NY) their computers became a conduit for them to meet and write music together.  Barbara answered Michele’s ad for a lyricist and they instantly became songwriting partners and friends. 

Michele has known for years that her two sons, now ages 5 and 8, are on the autistic spectrum.  Over time she has learned that music can be the most effective way to motivate and encourage them.  Michele dreamed of writing songs focusing on her children’s daily routines, including: getting up, getting dressed, eating, getting in the car, cleaning up, taking a bath, brushing teeth and going to sleep. 

Barbara also recognized the value of music in encouraging her own children to hustle through their routines and now uses the songs she and Michele created to navigate through the day with her children.

Barbara Fine Buxbaum says, “Inspired by words, music and the children we love, Michele and I have combined our minds and experiences as mothers to create great, upbeat music to help brighten the days of both children and their caretakers.” 

“Songs for Your Busy Day” is not just kids’ music,” says Michele Purcell.  “It is a compilation of songs, each catchy and different, that will appeal to both adults and children.”

Mill Neck Manor's Fall Harvest Festival
October 2007

Barbara & Michele performing
"Barbara Fine Buxbaum and Michele Purcell
entertained the crowd with children’s music.


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